Nowadays everybody can afford a camera and gets a chance to proudly show the friends and family the great pictures taken during the last holiday.
At professional level, it is being roughly estimated to have 700.000 photographers in the entire world, including those thinking of them as professional photographers. This means that if you are a one in a million photographer, there are still 99 others right like you.

So, when a photographer starts distinguish itself as a professional one?
In my humble opinion, it is the moment when one is really satisfied with the results after looking at it many times. Photographers are no easy satisfied people as only the best results provide accomplishment.

I always loved the photography art but as a technical person I really started feeling devoted to it by the time the technological breakthrough gave a chance to the digital photography of showing the reality in front of the lens.
My first shoots went about dynamic movement. With a passion for dancing I have been present to many events and been shooting thousands of pictures of artists and dancers 'in the middle of the action'. It's only afterwards then I went to landscape shooting and studio portraits.

The photography allows me to express myself, whether that involves color, black and white, platinum or digital technology. That single and unique immortalized moment of the life in front of my camera at the time of the shoot makes it for me all the effort worth.