I was born in Bucharest, Romania and as child I used to spend most of my summer vacations at my grandmother's place, in a fabulous part of the country, not far from Rm. Sarat.

As 'capital' boy I was often frustrated to consume my time in a dead silent region. Bucharest was called at that time 'the Little Paris' while my grandmother was living in a very small village in the mountains.
Of course, at that time I wasn't able to completely appreciate the beauty of this kind of places. But I remember it in all its details.
I remember the silence, this absolute silence when I lied in the grass and heard the noise of the insects moving around.
I remember the shaped landscape, its colours, the savage smell of the nature, the carts pulled by the massive oxens, the locals living their simple lives and appreciating the small things. It took me years to realize the chance I had to be there and I would give anything to go back to that period.

Today I became the one appreciating the small things and moments of life and I am decided to highlight these values and share the real beauty of life with the rest of the world through photographs.