Weddings photographs
Your Wedding is one of the most awaited and best days of your life and your photographer may be the most important wedding supplier you hire.
On this special occasion, you want to capture all memories on photos. These photographs albums will join you through your marriage and will present you the sweet memories and take you back to these moments.
In order to reach that, you know you need a great wedding photographer for your wedding – just like you want all the arrangements to be ‘just right’. That’s the reason why people hire photographers rather than amateur self clicks.
 I am using the latest technologies in the digital photography with a result in high quality pictures in both DVD (in slide show format) and a beautiful album.

What do you need to do?
You'll have a lot of things to think about for the wedding; the advantage of using my services as photographer is that once we agree on the terms and date you don't need to worry about anything anymore, you can fully rely on me.
The only thing to do is to is to contact me as soon as possible with at least two months before the wedding date. If you can provide me already the information below, I'll contact you immediately with an offer for your wedding. If not, please let me your phone number and I'll call you in order to ask you the details before providing you with the offer. Once we agree on the date, offer and terms, I'm yours.
Basically, I need to know:
  • date of the wedding itself
  • date when we can meet for a pre-shooting in case you want to use photos for announcements, etc.
  • details of all places where the wedding ceremonies take place
  • estimated number of persons participating to every ceremony