Studio photography
Natural, elegant and detailed expressions are obtained using portrait techniques in a photographer's studio. All lighting effects, exposures, framing, background and compositions are under full control and permit us to realize the most incredible photographs.
From dramatic expressions to amused, glamorous or comercial, almost everything can be achieved in a professional photography studio.

A beautiful portrait?
When we speak about beauty we are usually speaking about hair and make up and of course, great looking skin and nails.
Usually... Because in reality, the charm and impression of a photo does not rely on the beauty but on the capacity to put details into perspective.
In the photography industry we are quite blessed with the invention of the retouching tools and techniques that create natural (sort of) beauty. It's what is being used to make human beings look extra special.
Unfortunately the result is too many times far from the reality and gives a false perspective.
I search to use the immediate camera result and use the retouching only in the struggle with the odd morning look.

Modelling and fashion photos
For a model, building a portfolio is a never-ending process. The portfolio is where you carry your best marketing tools: your photos.
No matter which brands decide to wear: Haute Couture, Ready-to-Wear or a bin bag, the effects can be breathtaking when you put the effort in to creating a beautiful portfolio of fashion and celebrity style images together.