Events photography
One of my biggest photography passion is shooting events and especially performance and dancing events.
It is very challenging for a photographer. Most performance events take place under sub-optimal lighting conditions. Stages are often poorly lit, lit with lights through colored shades and a multitude of distracting background elements. This presents the real challenge for the photographer, as the results are often blurred, impossible to white balance in the camera, and very cluttered. It's common to have a very large number of images due to the difficulty of capturing something just right. And afterwards, the post-processing work begins...
Capturing the right moment
The performing artists are doing an extremely hard work. Hours and hours of rehearsing and discipline in order to perform in front of the audience for only 3 minutes!
They make their choreography  on an existing music and exploit the unique accents of the song in order to impress the audience with their best moments. It is a very tough job to capture that unique single moment on the photography when it comes. There is only one chance.
Everything has to be set correctly on the camera, despite the fact that the artists or dancers are traveling all the time across the stage. It requires an understanding for musicality and my personal investment grant me after numerous years of experience with this aptitude :)